Living in Crete

Cretan cuisine


Crete enjoys a Mediterranean climate, where weather can be characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers. Warm weather is
enjoyed for nine months of the year from April to November and winter months are just December to March.

The coastal areas have a dry summer and mild winter. Good weather prevails throughout the season while it can rain sporadically
from December through to March. Snowfall along the coast is a rarity.

In winter, the mountainous areas enjoy much snow and even when the weather warms sets in and swimming at the beach is possible,
snow can still be seen on the White Mountains creating a stunning visual contrast! It is this Mediterranean climate which so
graciously enhances the way of life on Crete and so positively affects disposition.

Enjoy the Mediterranean diet 

Cretan products and the Cretan way of cooking have claimed their own distinguished place in international gastronomy, due to the
use of high quality ingredients with the added benefit of bolstering human health. At the same time, more and more restaurateur
and hoteliers have been including Cretan cuisine in their arsenal of tourism assets. In the same context, the Region of Crete
has undertaken significant initiative to showcase and liaise the primary sector with tourism.

The Cretan diet has been studied by scientists the world over. The rather surprising findings of those studies have caused a worldwide
sensation by documenting the enormous benefits to the islanders' health and the low incidence of several diseases compared to
other places on the globe.